Human Rights Chronology

Peasants of Azzad Nagar, Demanding justice

Peasant exploitationPhoto Source – Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)   

Honor Killing: husbands plan to kill the wives  

Tando Adam:  Ajoo and Zuhran residents of Tando Adam, getting temporary shelter at their relatives, have been victimized by their husbands, demanding for protection during press briefings, the survivors told, “Our husbands are threatening us to murder in alleged honor killing   Source – Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)   

Farmers staged protest against the feudal exploitations

Hyderabad:  Farmers communities of Bheel and Machi tribes staged a protest against the exploitation of their land owner, farmers said, often drunken he use to come in our homes and misbehave with our women and even didn’t give our dues.Source – Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)   

Couple demanded the protection

Hyderabad:  Newly marriage couple demanded the protection from relatives, 18 years; Aisha told in a press briefing that she had marriage with her own consent/ choice with Usman Baloch, perhaps the couple is now facing threats of honor killing from the relatives of Aisha, and they demanded the protection of their lives. Source – Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)   

Robbery case registered against child

Moro:  an alleged case of bike robbery is being filed against 14 year Farhan Behaan, Moro police is trying to fix the matter by forcing child parents. Source – Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)   

Woman Kidnapped   

Thull:  Dacoits kidnappaed the woman named Zaheeran (25) from her village Abdul Ghani Shah. Source – Source Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)    

16 year child Missing since 12 Days

Nawabsah:  16 year young child Hafiz Mohammad Qasim is allegedly missing since last 12 days, claimed his father Mohammad Hashim Source – Source Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)     

Sabotaging the cultural festival (Mella)

Shikarpur: Armed fundamentalists tortured men and women passengers as well as blocked the National Highway, to stop and sabotage the cultural Festival (Mella) – Source Daily Sindh Express (August 01, 2016)