Mother of three, boyfriend killed over ‘honour’ in Punjab

Punjab Police on Thursday arrested the father, husband and brother of a woman who was tortured and hanged alongside her alleged boyfriend in a family courtyard, a local police official said on Thursday.

honor-killing-2Khalida Bibi, a married mother-of-three, and her alleged boyfriend, 21-year-old Mohammad Mukhtar, were murdered in a so-called honour killing in the village of Mian Channu, police official Allah Ditta said.

Pregnant woman shot dead by husband in suspected ‘honour killing’

The three arrested relatives confessed to killing Bibi and Mukhtar forhaving an affair. However, further investigations are underway.

Ditta said the bodies of the murdered couple had been transported to hospital for an autopsy.

Hundreds of women are murdered every year in Pakistan, often by their own relatives, for going against their families’ wishes in matters of love and marriage.

On Monday, two men were shot by their relatives in Qasim Bela allegedly for coaxing a female relative to elope with one of the deceased.

Two men shot over ‘honour’ near Multan

Police said that one of them died on the spot and the other is said to be in a critical condition.

According to details, Zohaib, 20, and his father Aslam were standing in front of their house in Chah Yousafwala when their relatives Riaz, Rashid and Saqib approached them.

They shot at the two and fled. Zohaib died before he could be treated. Aslam was badly wounded.

He was taken to Nishtar Hospital for treatment. Police said they wereaccused of urging a girl from the attackers’ family to elope withZohaib. Police said they had registered a case but no one had beenarrested yet.

This article originally appeared on ABC News.


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